A New Energy Source

A New Energy Source
by Tialechaety Orrthemech

I am here on the Queen of Thorns, just outside of Taelosia. I have recently been working with a new material that has been recovered from Taelosia.
As the first to examine this material, Skelontorim and I have chosen to name it Dark Matter. It is black and has very little hint of color or shine. We have also discovered that there are two separate forms of this material.
The rarer form has been infused with some other matter. To the best of our knowledge at this time, that matter is somehow linked to the augment stones, though only tenuously. We have named this form Infused Dark Matter.

This is a dangerous material. It holds power and improper handling can be harmful, as Skelontorim recently discovered. For now, our research is limited but our location, the supplies and time available to us. We have been asked to attempt only experiments that we are certain will not cause any other large explosions. We have, however, discovered a method for harnessing the power of Dark Matter.

The key is in the refinement process. We have shared that procedure with a select few, but I shall not write it out here. Once processed, it is a relatively simple matter to divide the Dark Matter into smaller portions, any good tinkerer can do that in her toolbox.
Once you have the proper amount of matter, just place it into the battery casings that we designed and made available. These casings, with the Dark Matter to power them, can replace any Mana Battery.
The only exception is the larger and more powerful level six battery. To create something to replace one of these, you must use the Infused Dark Matter.

Source: Ingame book