History of the Kerrans

Falthrik Lothoro in Kerra Ridge:

Rrrrr. Many stories Falthrik has to tell. Most would not suit you, would not translate to common well but perhaps I tell you history of Kerrans, stories of their past and present.

So you wish to listen? That is good. Then sit, listen to the story of the pride. Our stories all start the same. In the beginning there was the mighty Kejaan. No one remembers the lineage of Kejaan.
Many think he didnít have one. It is said no god made him, that his spirit came from the winds and his body from the rocks. Wherever he came from his legends are many.

Kejaan travelled the land of Odus far and wide. He visited the splintered and fighting tribes of Kerran and gathered together his companions, Kerrans of power and knowledge. Together Kejaan and his companions tamed the wild lands of Odus. They journeyed through jungle, desert, and beach killing monsters and evil. They made the land safe for all Kerrans. This is when the golden time started.

Rrrrr. The golden time. After Kejaan and his companions tamed the lands he came back to the splintered tribes. With his strength of claw and mind he united all the Kerran people around him, made them into a mighty civilization, made them strong and smart.

Many hundreds of years the Kerran were mighty and wise. Elves, dwarves, humans, all races knew the might of Kerra. All things end though, and our empire fell eventually, our proud history and achievements torn apart and destroyed by the foul Erudites. We could have shared land but the haughty
Erudites would not share so they destroyed.

Destroyed utterly. Tried to remove all trace of great Kerran works. Cities, statues, writings. All gone. Kerrans fled to this tiny island, forced to leave by Erudites. Many Kerran, many of our finest peoples, died on travel to here. Poets, warriors, shamans, children. Kerran settled here, made this little island of dirt home, continued old customs and traditions.

Yes. How we live. Way we organize. In Kerran peoples magic runs greatest in the females. They grow larger and stronger. It is females who are most worshipped and revered as mothers and protectors. That is why all adult female Kerra live in inner village and all male live on beach.

Male Kerran smaller and quicker than female. Male Kerra make good guards. Females watch after Kerran souls and guide Kerrans, males guard Kerran safety. All Kerran understand their place in life.

Many places. Young live on beach and learn how to be shaman, guards, or tradespeople. Old live their last days on beach teaching the young. Males guard all of Kerra. Females guard the inner village, our leaders, and our spirits. It is the way of things. Rrrrr. I have talked for so long. I must eat and rest now.

Source: NPC dialog ingame