Compendium of Odd Jewelry

Crafted from the rings of prisoners to the plane of justice and adorned with a white diamond of justice and two crystalized cloudy eyes, these rare treasures offer insight and sternness to the wearer. It is said that the spiritual impressions left on these rings by their former imprisoned owners balances the diamonds infusion of blind justice.

Helm of Noctural Phantasms:

Those who walk the twisted landscapes of the plane of nightmares adorn themselves with all manner of horrific ornamentations. The helms of nocturnal phantasms are crafted from ivory skulls. Two midnight stones are set in the eye sockets of a skull, a black diamond of nightmares is set into the forehead of the skull, and a plume made from a loch of banshee hair is attached to the top of the skulls cranium.

Bone Bracelet of Corruption:

Practitioners of the darkest sorceries have ventured into the loathed plane of disease in search of materials to craft bone bracelets of corruption. These rare trinkets must be delicately crafted from the segments of lepertoloth bones, the evil followers of Bertoxxulous that have been gifted by the Plaguebringer with a powerful undead form and an eternal existance in the plane of disease. The bone segment, once obtained, is then adorned with evil runes painted in blood rune ink by a sorcerer skilled in necromantic research and a green diamond of disease is set into the bracelet. The blood rune ink itself is a mixture of the inky secretions of the diseased slarghilugs and the blood of a bubonian shaken in a small clay jar.

Necklace of Biting Insanity:

These necklaces crafted from parts of creatures native to the terrible plane of torment, grant tempting power, but some claim at the cost of wearer's very sanity. The necklace is crafted from three teeth of the insane and a purple diamond of torment strung on a cord of tormented muscle. The cord of tormented muscle must be prepared by a tailor from a mass of muscle treated with a vial of viscous mana.

Source: Ingame book