The Plague

Help save Norrath from a mysterious ailment that's spreading fast RIGHT NOW! Both the Overlord and Antonia Bayle have sent out a call to all citizens of Freeport and Qeynos. The cause of this scourge is unknown and it is contagious to all, whether good or evil! Only the joint efforts of all Norrathians, adventurers and artisans alike, will enable us to find a cure!

Warning: Beware of false rumors. Only heed solid information released by city officials. Do not panic. While this illness is contagious, it does not appear to be life-threatening. While traditional medicines offer relief, it is only temporary. Until a universal cure is found, reinfection is likely. Finally, beware of quacks offering magic cures at extravagant prices. Only buy from persons licensed by the cities. Many of these quack cures have been reported as causing strange side effects.

News released on 4/11/2005.
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The Plague and its effects
The Plague and its effects