The First Vision

Hidden in the bowels of Night Keep in the early days of Grobb lay a tunnel leading to a small cave. No torches donned the walls of this place and a small wooden altar was the only object within.

Those initiated into the order of shadowknights in Night Keep knew this place as The Eyes of Cazic. It was here that the Warlord Grimgash, after he and the Warlord Jurglash completed their clan's victory over the residents of Innothule swamp came to give thanks to Cazic Thule for their dominance. After three days of disciplined meditation in this chamber with neither food nor drink Grimgash received a vision from the Lord of Fear. Through his mind he foresaw a great order of disciplined troll warriors mixing their natural fighting skills with the dark powers of Cazic Thule, spreading terror throughout the swamps of Innothule and beyond. Grimgash ordered a keep built around the cave. Thus began the order now called the Shadowknights of Night Keep. The newly initiated troll shadowknights under Warlord Grimgash were sent into this cavern to receive a vision from Cazic Thule thus setting the path of their destiny. Through the guidance of the visions granted by The Eyes of Cazic Thule, the shadowknights of Night Keep led several successful campaigns against the Frogloks of Guk. The eyes revealed to Cazic's faithful trolls the hiding places of the Frogloks and the Froglok advances on Grobb before they came to pass.

As the years passed and the swamps rose beneath Grobb, water and sludge began to swallow The Eyes of Cazic Thule. The shadowknights of Night Keep tried to keep the swamp at bay but eventually the cavern became submerged beneath Grobb, The Eyes of Cazic Thule lost to the new generations of Shadowknights. Without the influence of The Eyes of Cazic Thule, the Teir'dal of Neriak found it easier to persuade young trolls into the service of Innoruuk, and Night Keep became an army divided between two Gods. It is whispered in the shadows of Night Keep that should one of Cazics faithful reach The Eyes of Cazic Thule beneath the waters and sludge of the swamp and survive, they shall become the mightiest of all shadowknights and shall lead Grobb in victories unparalleled by the great warlords of days gone by.

Source: Ingame book