Brother's Fallen

A time now past
Our steps bloomed glory
Lead by the Chosen
Protected by their Guard
The hidden lord spoke
His words we did hear
With his knowledge we struck forth
Purpose in our hearts
A pact was drawn
War and Fear intertwined
Angels descended
Harbingers of a blessing
A brood was brought forth
Two eggs
Two brothers
Raised by the angels
The Guard of the High Scale

Generations passed
And Angels did raise
Two eggs
Two brothes
Ever vigilant in their duty
When chosen strikes forth
Under boon of our lord
The brothers hold the flanks
A pact is held true

Time conquers all
None can withstnad
Not stone
Not flesh
Not mind
Not pact

The threat that binds
Withers and frays
As centuries pass
The flanks left exposed

Battle did come
And Chosen moved with purpose
Their lances locked forward
The brothers at the flanks
Yet pack was broken
The Guard sought glory
When spear came to bear

Shouts were heard
The Guard! The Pact!
Our Chosen is slain!?
A spear head?
Our lord cared not for the damage was done

The Brothers then fled
From death
From shame
From blade of sword

A duty now lost
Blood of a Chosen
Staining their hands
Brothers now abandoned by the
angels of Fear
The land they did walk
Their only possession
The pact now broken
A Queen then appeared
With promise of redemption
Her words laced with lies
Fell upon deaf ears

Their desperation the wound
A Queen's promise the poison
A new pact was drawn

The brothers now fallen
Guard yet again
Not of Chosen
Not of Angels
Only sorrow and contempt
The wardens of shame
Two eggs
Two brothers
A curse now to bear

Source: Ingame book