A History of the Order of Nektulos

This book was given to me by Bruhn K'Viir of the Order of Nektulos. It contains information on the history of the Trials.

The Order of Nektulos was created during the times of the first Emperor of Neriak. The purpose of the Order is to test, train and weed out the weak among the young Dark Elf Warriors. All young warriors must first face these trials before they are allowed to join the soldiers who patrol the realm outside the First Gate. This is the way of the Teir`Dal warrior.

The weak never survive long in the forest. Whether they are cut down by another dark elf or fall in a pit out of stupidity they are always shown for what they are. Contestants usually number around ten to fifteen and no more than one can ever be truly called winner, survivor yes, but not winner.

The one who proves strongest takes the title and must remain to be challenged by the next Teir`Dal who attempts to win the Trials. If the challenger does not prove himself in the final battle he is stripped of the title and sent back to the ranks of soldier.

The Trials are not for the weak. Many have and will continue to fall to the dangers and will of the Forest. It is a living breathing thing and should never be traversed or thought of with anything but respect and caution.

Consider this a word of warning. If you do not have the heart of a true dark elf, if you do not understand what it takes to rise through the ranks of the greatest race in all of Norrath then burn this volume and turn away. For you shall fail and pay with your life.

Source: Ingame book