The Sha'ir and the Arena

Maj'Dul's enforcers are the Sha'ir, carpet-riding keepers of the law. If there's one thing they don't hold with, it's bloodshed in the city streets. While the city seems otherwise lawless, if a Sha'ir catches you in an act of violence, you'd better hope that a good healer is nearby.

Folks seem inclined to spill blood, though, and that's why the arenas are so popular. They are controlled environments in which beating on your neighbor is not only encouraged, it's necessary.

That doesn't mean that you do the beating yourself. You can hire champions to battle on your behalf. The better your champion, the better you get treated around your particular Court. At least, it seems that way to me. My champions always seem to be underachievers.

Another use for the arena battles is a slightly obscure to outsiders. Folks who want a law changed will hire the best champions so the outcome is to their liking. It gives a whole new meaning to the power of the people.

Still, strategies can go awry and I'm left with just my good looks and good luck. Ah, well. The allure of the arena always comes back to draw me in.