Prelude by Jonty Bindleswheel

I've travelled the known world for many years searching for the answers. Answers to questions I do not even remember now. Still, when I have been in one place for too long, the wanderlust comes upon me. Not long ago, I sat on the docks of Zek when the feeling came upon me again. After a bit of trial and error, I found my way to Maj'Dul.

Maj'Dul is not like any place I have ever seen before, though I have heard many tales of places such as this. Walking along the city's cobbled lanes, dodging street rats in its markets or sitting on a whitewashed balcony all seem so familiar to me even though I have never done these things before.

Around every corner, intrigue awaits. There are many ways to make enemies in this city. The unwritten rules governing everyone's behavior inside the city walls sometimes drive me to wander through the surrounding deserts. I always come back, though. No matter how bewildering life in Maj'Dul can be, it is child's play compared to some of the things I've encountered recently.

It is a beautiful place, Maj'Dul. Wherever I may wander, I will never forget my time in this Desert of Flames.

Jonty Bindleswheel