History of the Verishe Mal Vol. I-IV

We were forged from the Earth by the hand of our lord, Brell Serillis. He molded us into an image that suited him, and we were glad. Such is our role to learn and expand, and be one with the underworld. We were born to know many things, and we shall.

Our lord told us that we suffered not the curse of the others, and for this we are grateful.


Our forefathers gave us many tasks to better us. We learned the way of the sword and the way of magiks. Each test we proved victorious, and for a time quite prosperous.

In time, we grew to be a large race, riddled with a ruthless empire that spanned many a mile. Our worth was broken down into a caste system, and many were made slaves.


The Verishe Mal were then ruled by the Ishva Mal, a hard and stern ruler.

In the old tongue, Ishva meant Supreme and Mal meant ruler. Beneath the Ishva, there were the Rosch, and the Tesch, the caster and warrior caste. Above the Rosch and the Tesch were the Nisch, the spiritual leaders of the Verishe Mal. Shortly after the abolishion of the old ways and the Ishva, the Nisch Val formed a council of nine, which rules us to this day.


The Council of Nine has ruled us faithfully for many a year now. We find peace in our lives, and vow not to harm another. There are still many factions that wish to return to the old ways, but the current council has opposed those ideas when in chamber.

They suspect at this time that there may be someone working within the council to be working with the old Ishva to return the Verishe to the old ways. This must not happen at all costs.

Source: Ingame book