The Froglok Spirit Has Been Freed!

A big congratulations goes out to the Ascendance guild of Neriak for being the first to free the spirit of the frogloks, making Mithaniel Marr's chosen ones a playable race for everyone on their server.

The epic battle was fought inside the Temple of Cazic-Thule, pitting members of Ascendance against several waves of high-level adversaries. After successfully conquering the horde of monsters, the raid party had a showdown with Venekor, the evil dragon responsible for the enslavement of the froglok race. His defeat yielded many treasures, including several items, Master level spells, and a powerful 12-hour buff. Additionally, every raid participant received the title "Hero of Kugup." Congratulations, Ascendance, from everyone on the EverQuest II team!

News released on 6/3/2005.
Ascendance is a guild on the Neriak server, they were the first to free the Froglok spirit.