Notes from the Greenmist Tome

I made these notes from my interpretation of the Sarnak tome.
Read them carefully.

The weaponsmith who created the Greenmist still exists in some form. He has been tormented for a very long time and may not remember his art. If this is the case, there may still be some chance of recovering the design of the sacred blade. The key lies with the Lich-King's beloved.

It is rumored the lich had a mirror created that allows his beloved Drusella to see her former self in its reflection. Perhaps this artifact can offer you some assistance in this quest.

Several items will be needed to recreate the Greenmist Khukri. A special hammer was specifically created to fold and sculpt the weapon's blade. Both the Greenmist and this hammer were created on the same day. Only the year is know. The year was 1406. The tome mentions that the Sarnak were actively seeking the tool.

The formula that will be needed to smelt the Tynnonium is written in the back of this book. Use this book when you find the forge needed to create the Khukri. You will need a design pattern, the block of Tynnonium, the hammer, and this tome to create the Greenmist blade.

To finish the weapon, you will need the Lord of Pain's Khukri, this tome, the hammer, the Greenmist blade, and a Greenmist shard or fragment. We have not found any Greenmist fragments.

All items must be forged in the hottest of all forges, the Forge of Dalnir.

May the will of Cazik Thule guide you.

Source: Ingame book