Ilucide's battered journal

Journal entry, day 15 - I can't seem to figure out this door. I've wracked my brain for a solution, but I can't seem to find a way past it. The zombies are starting to get on my nerves though. Ahh well, back to my exploration!

Journal entry, day 17: It is possible that the door is magically sealed. I do feel a bit uneasy getting close to it, but something behind it seems to draw me closer. It's almost as if it's calling out to me. Perhaps the door was magically sealed? I do not know yet, but I will find out!

Journal entry, day 21: Blast these foul undead! They interrupted my sleep THREE times last night. Or at least, I think it's night. So hard to tell down here. Oh, how I long for the cool air of the thicket and a nice jum jum ale! A stool, and a nice book ...hey, wait, a book! I think this might be a good plan...

Journal entry, day 21-and-a-half: That's it! I'll head to Freeport and see if I can find something of use in that Academy of theirs! Oh wait...what's this thing? It's certainly ugly...hmmm...this could be bad...

Source: Ingame book
The book will disappear once read, and will give the 'Searching the Depths of Fallen Gate' access quest.
The quest unlock a book in the Academy called Thexian Incantations: Circa Neriak's Fall