The Nine Contemplations

This book is titled "The Nine Contemplations". It presents several riddles that the druids and rangers of a place called the Surefall Glade would puzzle over.

To know truth, one must understand the cycles of life and nature. In order to find harmony within the Surefall Glade, you must find harmony within yourself. Take these mantras and know them in your heart. When the words become second thought, then you will have found your balance within the world.

Growth"Stasis without thought, Timeless nothing is a wrong. Once this sprouts from naught, It will guide one all life long."

Decay"To live one's full life, One must start and one must end. As joy is to strife, It is growth's only true friend."

Health"When life is so quick, Vim and vigor should not hide. The mind pours the tonic, Body is where it resides."

Ocean"To ride on it's back, One feels the strength of our moons. Sink into it's black, One will gaze at life filled dunes."

Sky"It falls from above, And sinks deep into the lung. True home of the dove, And every song it has sung."

Storm"In numbers they're loud, And forms tempests from breezes. Welcome it's wet shroud, For it's gift replenishes."

"If one stares too long, It will be the last sight seen. From it trees grow strong, Changing yellow into green."

Underfoot"Darkness rules supreme,In the globe below the peat.Just as in a dream,It's gateway is it's conceit."

Hope"When all things are none, When existence is bereft, There will be but one, The only thing that is left."

Source: Ingame book