Omens of War History

Passage to Discord

The Priests of Discord in Norrath believe they have been granted a gift. A unique knowledge has been bestowed upon them which they believe was granted as a reward for preaching the way of Discord. That gift, they claim, is the knowledge of a way to a world that is enveloped by Discord itself — an ethereal poison that wreaks havoc and strife upon all it touches.

World of Kuua

The world known as Kuua was once a relatively normal place, like Norrath, until the influence of Discord seeped into it. There were a vast number of races in the lands, the most civilized being the dragorn. After the dark taint on the world, all races began fighting each other with fervor. The wars created a darkening sky filled with ash and embers. The dragorns stopped their travel and were called home to fortify their walls and the city from all outside influences. Little did they know that even the dragorns would begin to turn on each other.

The Dragorn

The dragorns are noble creatures who believe they were carved from of the heartiest earth and stone
by the great dragon, Dranik. As a civilization, the dragorns valued courage above all else — that
was, at least, until the influence of Discord drew a shade of darkness over their world of Kuua and
opened the door for Mata Muram’s legion.
Throughout their history, the dragorns led simple lives. The serfs kept their city and kinsfolk with
full bellies and armored bodies. The warriors and knights often made courageous expeditions and patrols from their great city of Dranik to the regal palace to the northeast, fighting beasts and creatures that threatened to overcome their lands.
There is a number of dragorn who were exiled from Dranik before and after the influence of Discord caused fighting among the race. The exiles are often on the outskirts of the city in the caves in Dranik’s Scar or other outlying areas. They have attempted to organize and overthrow the high council several times with no success.
Some of them feel they were wrongly accused and wish to return home.
Some dragorn, most of the best fighters in the lands, were blackmailed or brainwashed into joining Mata Muram’s legion.

Mata Muram and his Legion

Mata Muram is a dragon slave trader that has great strength and mind powers. He is but one slave trader in an organization of many. All of the various armies of Discord that are part of the greater enslavement force riding on the front edge of the shroud of Discord — a rat race for enslavement acquisitions.
Mata Muram conquers a large number of races and inducts the very best into his army. He sells the rest to other worlds.

The Riftseekers — Pyrilen and Gelidran

The riftseekers are the minions of an even greater planar race that have been granted to Mata Muram
for travel between worlds and to seed Discord into as many realms as possible. The riftseekers have
the ability to hone in on rifts in space, no matter how small, and have the magical means to force
them open and sustain them.
These creatures are chaotic and do like to cause trouble. Keeping their allegiance is difficult at the best of times. And if they are crossed, there will be trouble.

Source: Everquest Manual