Enchanted Metals and Emblems of Power

Enchanted Planar Metals

Many metals have been discovered in various parts of the planes. It seems that the nature of these metals prevents them from being enchanted by any spells yet known to the craftsmen of New Tanaan. A way has been discovered however for a skilled blacksmith to smelt the metals and infuse them with mana conjured into liquid form by a practitioner of enchantment magics. These are the metals and the forms of mana that have supposedly succeeded in enhancing their magical planar properties.

Distilled mana when infused with nightmare iron, electrified copper, valorium or bloodmetal is said to enhance the magical planar properties of the metals.

Purified mana when fused with molten ore, immaculate steel, e'cian ice, or wind metal is said to enhance the planar properties of the metal.

Emblems of Power

The jewel crafters of New Tanaan have discovered the means of crafting emblems of power from the enchanted mana infused metals of the planes, and diamonds infused with the very power of the planes. These emblems when fashioned to armor, weapons, or objects channel the power stored within the planar diamond throughout the object to which they are fastened.

A blank emblem sold by the master craftsmen here in New Tanaan, a bar of one of the enchanted planar metals, and a raw diamond infused with the power of the metals native plane can be crafted by skilled hands into an emblem of power.

Source: Ingame book