Iriana Cellus' Family History

I am sure that some of my family's writings still exist elsewhere in Norrath. Unless they were destroyed in the Shattering or as mentioned before, held back by unscrupulous vendors. Whatever portion of this tome you have, cherish it and remember the Cellus family of Qeynos.

I found ancient papers written by not only my ancestors, but by others from the past. Maybe the heat of the sun on the plains preserved the writings. Illene never did get to see Qeynos, as her family moved east rather than west. I cannot imagine --

-- the world described! My father says he can remember when the moon was whole, but it has always appeared in my sky as an shining smear, like fish scales spilling from a broken bowl. I am Iriana Cellus and I live in an area known as the Thundering Steppes. There are --

-- no ships because the oceans are still too rough, but I like to sit on the shore and watch the waves. Father says the seas never used to come up so high. Oh! The other day I saw the oddest thing! A rat, nearly as tall as myself! And it could speak, but I didn't not --

-- understand it, at first. After a while, it sat next to me and we drew pictures in the dirt to talk. His family comes from far away, looked like under the mountains. Or it might have been under the waves. He didn't draw very well, but then again, neither do I. He --

-- ran away when my sister approached. Later, I saw another one peering out from a ruined watchtower. There are more and more of these interesting new creatures in the Steppes. I didn't ask anyone what it was; I know they would say it's --

-- my imagination. As if I could imagine up a talking rat! I wonder if I'll see him again, or any of these other rat-people? My father said we are going to --

-- to help rebuild Qeynos, so we'll be leaving in a day or two. It is the only city left in the entire world. Well, besides Freeport. I cannot wait! I wonder what will happen to the rat-people? Where can they go?

Source: Ingame book