Thundering Steppes Creature Cataloging

The Thundering Steppes is an area that is at once familiar and strange. Wide, shallow valleys recall the Plains of Karana while lakes formed in the meteor strikes during the Shattering serve as a reminder that nothing is permanent, not even the shape of the lands.

The Thundering Steppes shares the continent of Karan with Antonica, separated by the high peaks of the Phantom Mountains. Jutting southward like a sheathed dagger, the shores of the Steppes are formed by the waters of the Seafury. Hills are steeper near the mountains and more gently sloped as they near the sea.

Wind and rain sweep across the rugged terrain and while the intensity may vary, the changing weather remains constant. In the course of a day, one can see raging thunderstorms, bright sunny skies and light drizzles. It pays to keep one's gear in good repair as the weather can take its toll on both metal and leather goods.

Pale green and gold, wild grass is plentiful across the plains. It is particularly fascinating to stand (under some cover of course) and watch a wind storm sweep through the area, rolling the fine blades like waves on the sea. Trees, though sparse, grow here as well, particularly acacia trees with their tiny leaves that let the winds blow through them without ripping them apart.

Many inhabitants from Ages past remain in the Steppes. Centaurs form raiding parties and descend upon travellers, so it is wise to keep one's guard up. The hill giants can be particularly aggressive, although the centaurs work to keep them in check. The proximity to the sea brings an enchantment of sirens to the shore; beware the sound of their voices!

Source: Ingame book