Blood-Smudged Tome

I have seen the great dragon, Mata Muram, only once. He flew with his mighty wings over Dranik and to the north.

Some say he changes his form from a mighty dragon to a two-legged flesh creature.

But, know this. The Muramites around me claim their lord has become a twisted and disfigured creature with dark and curiout powers that grow more frightening each day.
Or they suppose he has. They say he has not received visitors for many months and they believe that is the reason -- that Mata Muram has become a force so terrible that he cannot be interrupted.

It seems some Muramites are worried that their overlord's mastery of his magic and his legion has consumed his every thought.
There are whispers of treachery among those fiendish creatures of fire and ice as well.

Elder Chinak

Source: Ingame book