An Ill-Fated Priests Journal

"Day 15: I have just descended from the foothills of the Rathe Mountains and entered into the dark jungles of the Feerrott. It seems much longer than 15 days ago that I set out from Paineel. The Temple of the Faceless is close, I can feel it. Soon, if all goes well, I shall be standing before it."

"Day 16: I have made camp for the night. I don't risk lighting a fire, the flesh eating lizardmen would be drawn to it. They will already be on alert when one of their number doesn't return and they find the charred remains of my sacrifice from earlier in the day."

"Day 17: I now stand before the Temple of Cazic-Thule! I am overwhelmed by the dark aura of terror that permeates this place. If what that old crone spoke was true, inside lies the relic I seek. I will possess the Screaming Mace! Now to follow the ancient words that the old troll woman sold me so that I may obtain my prize."

"The Ritual of Blood is to be carried out in order to remove the Screaming Mace from the sanctum. The Four must be sacrificed and their blood drained: the Despoiler, the Cenobite, the Champion, and the Torturer. Forty others of their kin must also share the same fate. The shed blood from all forty and four is then poured into the Basin of Bara'Kur."

"Add to the basin a chalice of water from the Fountain of Fear. Carry the water from the fountain with great haste! Once removed from the fountain the water quickly fouls and will be of no use once it spoils. Once the water is added to the basin a dark glowing sphere will form from the blood."

Source: Ingame book