Thexian Incantations: Circa Neriak's Fall

Section 1, paragraph 4 - The time has come for us to unseal the barrier! My research shows that there is a book hidden deep in what we now call Fallen Gate that details the spell required to unseal the barrier. - Tundis N'oxyle, Thexian archaeologist.

Section 2, paragraph 6 - Our research will be in vain, should we not find the component for the spell N'oxyle has been searching for. I have been poring over some older references, and it seems that the essences of dragoons has been used somehow to seal the barrier. Perhaps the same could be used to unlock it. - Jhos T'sein, Thexian scholar.

Section 3, paragraph 5 - The fools. They don't know what they have. I shall raise her to her former glory, and together, my undead queen and I shall descend upon the false queen of Neriak and rule forever! I'll hide the bangle in a chest in the Bull Pit! No one will ever look there! - anonymous Teir'Dal

Source: Ingame book
Book readable in the Academy of Arcanes Sciences in Freeport once you've read the Ilucide's battered journal in Fallen Gate.