Vah Shir Silken Products

A variety of products can be produced by a skilled tailor from the flexible and durable shadeling and shade silks.

In order to begin working with silks one must acquire sewing kit, raw materials, and a pattern for garments.

The basic raw materials for silk working are silk swatches, silk thread, and silk cords.

Silk Thread can be created from two strands of Shadeling Silk.

Silk Swatches can be created from two strands of Shade Silk.

Silk Cords can be created from three silk threads.

Pouches and Bags

Containers of various sizes can be sewn from a Silk Cord and a Hopper Hide. The size of the container depends on the quality of hide used.

Shade Silk Clothing

Shade Silk Clothing is sewn from shade silk swatches and a pattern appropriate to the desired article.

Shade Silk Gi's and Shade Silk Leggings require two swatches. All other articles require only one swatch.

Cured Shade Silk Armor

Cured shade silk armor requires Heady Paeala as a curing agent for the silk in addition to the pattern and swatches.

Heady Paeala can be obtained from a brewer.

Leggings require two swatches and three heady paealas. Headbands, Collars, Sashes, Wristbands, and Sandals require one swatch and two heady paealas.

Masks require only one heady paeala and one swatch. Mantles, Cloaks, Cleeves, and Handwraps require two swatches and two heady paealas. Gi's require three swatches and two heady paealas.

Source: Ingame book