Stories of Sarchel the Storyteller

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"Many years ago, long before the sky fell, these lands were lush and green."

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"The proud race known as aviaks ruled the skies and large beasts called elephants shook the earth above us."

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"It's said, that late at night, cries of joy and anguish from mighty warriors battling for honor and glory could be heard coming from the great arena."

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"The world has changed greatly since those days, but the glory of the Splitpaw Gnolls lives on forever!"

* * * * *

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"Gather 'round and hear my tale! I speak of ages long past, and heroes long turned to dust!"

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"Not long after the sky fell, a young pup by the name of Harclave wandered the deep reaches of the caves in search of adventure. It wasn't long before Harclave found himself lost and alone in the dark."

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"Harclave felt a terrible woe befall him as he groped around in the dark. It was at this moment that he spied a glowing light gleaming through a crack in the distant wall."

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"Desperate for light, Harclave strode towards the wall, unaware of the deep chasm echoing in the distance. With a yelp of surprise, our hero plunged into the depths of the caverns!"

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"Fortunately, Harclave landed in one of the cavern's deep pools, or our tale would end here. But our hero was destined for greatness. As Harclave pulled his bedraggled body from the dark waters, he found himself surrounded by a band of Zygomyd hunters."

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"The Zygomyd hunters poked and prodded Harclave, which aroused an anger in him that he'd never felt before. Harclave was far from home, chilled to the bone, and hungry. How dare these walking mushrooms poke and prod him! With a snarl, he lept to his feet and struck one of the hunters down with a single blow!"

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"The shocked Zygomyds tried to retaliate, but it was too late. The warrior in Harclave had emerged, and he could not be stopped! In a blood-hazed frenzy, our hero destroyed all in his path. It was not until many hours -- and many bodies later -- that our hero collapsed with exhaustion, falling into a deep slumber."

Sarchel the Storyteller says,"It was some hours later when a search party finally found Harclave, and his deeds became known to all. Over time, Harclave came to be known as one of the greatest gnoll champions to ever live, and so I come to the end of his tale."

Source: NPC dialog ingame
The first story describes the life in the Southern Plains of Karana before the rending.
The second story will lead you to a quest if you are patient enough. Have a sit and listen.
Pictures associated:
The Splitpaw entrance in South Karana - EQ
The Splitpaw entrance in South Karana - EQ

The Aviaks Town in South Karana - EQ
The Aviaks Town in South Karana - EQ