Hrath's Journal

86. BT, Deepice, Darkday:I, Hrath T'vol, have decided to keep this journal to chronicle my great deeds. One day, when all is said and done, this will probably fetch a pretty penny when I sell it to some scholar eager to have the truth of my life's story!

87. BT, Deepice, Steelday:Today I finally got the best of that blasted barbarian, Hadden, and took his earring! He never saw me coming! I teleported in behind him and burned him to a crisp. So much for that famed northern constitution.

87. BT, Deepice, Moorday:I've been spending a lot more time in the Qeynos area. The hunting is good here. All sorts of guards in the area willing to die to save their beloved Qeynos. Ironically enough, the same merchants they're protecting actually buy the guards' weapons and equipment back! I've been holed up in this tower, but the bells are driving me insane.

87. BT, Grayeven, Mirthday:I haven't written in the journal in a while, nearly a month, in fact. I learned a new line of spells and can now teleport between various regions in the blink of an eye. Praise Innoruuk for magic: no more boats! Now that I can safely explore the depths without need for breath, I've been examining the water life in my homeland's forest.

87. BT, Blossoming, Burnday:This journaling thing is tough. I never seem to have the time to write! I've been spending a lot of time exploring the oceans around Freeport. Many interesting bone structures down here. I'm going to be gathering some for experimentation later. It even looks like one of these skeletons may be from a dragon. Quite interesting.

87. BT, Warmstill, Feastday:The sunken ships off the coast of Qeynos hold much potential for plunder. I'm going to use the power of the earring to investigate them more thoroughly. Perhaps there were people of means on board when the ships went down. One can only hope...

87. BT, Firstchill, Brewday: Lord Everling has heard of my exploits and would like me to come to dinner. I think I shall oblige! If I manage to obtain his patronage, surely I can afford a few luxuries that have been out of my reach...

87. BT, Deadening, Soulday: I have taken an apprenticeship position with a powerful necromancer named Varsoon. His studies into immortality are quite impressive, and it's likely I will manage a way to live forever in his service. I shall leave my journal behind for someone to find at a later date.

Source: Ingame book