Creatures of the Creators Cataloging

Some of the creatures found in Norrath today were created by mages for various reasons. In particular, these creations can be found in and around Nektropos Castle in Nektulos on D'Lere or within the Ruins of Varsoon in Antonica on Karan.

Nektropos Castle is the former home of Lord Rikantus Everling and is located within dark woodlands of Nektulos. The Ruins of Varsoon are in what was once called the Keep of Immortality in Antonica. It is interesting to note that despite the cataclysmic events of the past few hundred seasons, both D'Lere and Antonica have ancient keeps with their unfortunate inhabitants.

Externally, Nektropos Castle and the Ruins of Varsoon enjoy (if that can be said) the same weather patterns as the regions in which they are located. Internally, the air within these ancient buildings remains charged with the mystic energies of their former owners. Though dark and occasionally damp, they are both remarkably well-preserved.

Flora within these structures is limited to lichens, which form on the stone surfaces on the northern and eastern interior rooms. As the structures are enclosed (or nearly completely underground, as with the Ruins of Varsoon), light is diffused or nonexistent. Fungi grow in organic litter on the lowest floors of these buildings.

Constructed creatures are generally considered part of the "golem" family of creatures, regardless of their outward appearance. However, magical constructs also exist and can include mundane objects such as books or statues that will reanimate only upon being disturbed. That makes travel through the Ruins of Varsoon and NektroposCastle particularly dangerous, as potentially anything could be a dormant creature.

Source: Ingame book