6- Fires and Frustration

Morden took a worn rag from his satchel and wiped the sweat off his brow, leaving a light smear of dirt across his cheek. It had been several days since he, Nedaria, and Tondal first sucked the burning air of the place called the Lavastorm Mountains into their lungs.

"I've decided we ought to give our faithful band a name of some sort," Morden said. "We're becoming somewhat renowned, are we not?! I think we ought to take pride in what we do and who we are. . . aye. Knowing us like I do, I think we ought to call ourselves the Wayfarers Brotherhood."

Tondal's violet eyes shone with pride upon hearing the name.

"Yes, Morden. A fine name indeed. A real family," he said.

"Aye, I agree. It's been a long time coming and the name should serve us well as we continue our travels," Nedaria chimed in.

"Well, enough of that then, eh? Be sure to get the word out! As for me, I need to get meself back in those mines and find a way past that mess o' goblins and bloody clockworks," Morden moaned. "I've never seen such a blasted infernal place and I am really not used to such resistance to my good looks. Nedaria weren't even this difficult." He winked at Nedaria.

Nedaria sighed, shook her head and turned away from Morden to hide a smile.

Morden hummed as he wrapped three lock picks in leather straps, so they wouldn't make any sound in his satchel as he moved. He rummaged through a crate and gathered up some rope, a few morsels of bread, and a flask of water. He bid his friends -- now of the Wayfarers Brotherhood -- farewell and set off toward the crater bubbling with lava.

Nedaria busied herself building the camp in the Lavastorm Mountains with all the new adventurers that had followed from the Burning Woods. They all waited patiently as Morden continued his attempts to move with the shadows past all the terrible creatures in the Solusek mines. He had been trying for days to get close enough to listen to the whispers and wonderings within the ranks of the Solusek kobolds. It had proven difficult and Nedaria could feel his aggravation.

Nedaria and Tondal both hoped he would have more success this day.