Tome of Order and Discord

"I do this not out of a Sense of charity or compassion, but because it is what has been ordained that I must do. I write because as a Child of Order, you must know." - The Seventh Hammer

Across the face of Norrath and into the Age of Turmoil were born the Children of Order. A force known as "Order" has made itself manifest. These chosen few have been set apart from the rest of the creatures of Norrath. While they can recognize another of their kind, regardless of race, they seem oblivious of their gift. They swear loyalty to or disavow the known gods. They murder, steal, love and champion the causes of the Unchosen, those who were not born of Order. But to each other they are always civil for each Child of Order is under the "protection" of this benevolent power. While tempers may flare, they seem unable to harm each other except by mutual consent. While it seems that such "protection" would be a boon, as with anything freely given, this gift is not appreciated until it is gone.

Agents of another being known only as "Discord" have arisen. These Priests of Discord seek to disrupt the mysterious experiment of Order. They teach that true power can only be gained by embracing Discord. Some are listening to these seductive words. By rejecting Order, they have lost their protection and prey upon each other with ruthless abandon. It seems that Order can never be expunged from them completely. Even those who have embraced Discord can only harm those who have also abandoned Order and are of nearly equal power. Beware Child. Once you have embraced Discord you will be in constant peril and you will never again be protected by Order.

My duty is complete and you are now faced with a choice. Remain in the embrace of Order or join in the forces of Discord. If you choose to remain in the protection of Order, you need do nothing and I recommend that you destroy this tome at once. But, if you seek the way of Discord, seek out a Priest of Discord and offer him this book. With that act your fate will be sealed.

Source: Ingame book