Obelisk of Lost Souls

Current Maintained Anchor Index.

Anchors Dyrt, Iza, Odris, Norrath, Hykor, and Lysis are currently still operating to their full capacity. The Cron anchor is currently off limits, as the per the Medium of Cron's request.

Extended Studies and Multi-sampling

The long term study in the swamplands has yielded excellent results, but we must obtain a wider variety of samples. The Creator has decreed that we consume more power and deploy in several other land masses as we are able.

In order to minimize the risks while obtaining the widest variety of samples, the new anchor will move from land mass to land mass at random intervals and locations. This will help prevent organized sieges upon the obelisk.

Host Guidellines.

Here are some important guidelines in regards to the proper care and feeding of your host, and the dangers that accompany employing this particular mode of infiltration.

It is important that you follow these guidelines if you intend on occupying a host for any extended period of time. The single most important fact you need to know is that your host must eat.

Please study your host before you occupy it, in order to learn what its normal eating habits and feeding rituals are. Having your host die will reveal you to all. They must eat in order to maintain their regular body functions.

The most easily attainable and controllable host creatures do not have the capacity to speak. Please to not speak aloud while in these forms, or you will come under scrutiny by the more intelligent creatures. It is suggested that you study the host's vocal patterns and try to emulate them.

It is suggested that you study the host's vocal patterns and try to emulate them. Do not remain in the host body for an extended period of time. The base nature of these creatures is very alluring, and their base nature can eventually take precedence over your tasks.
Do not lose yourself to their animal nature, you are here for a purpose.

Obelisk Energy Core Management Vol. 1

It is imperative that the gathering and allocation of new soul resources are administered and distributed throughout this anchor in an efficient manner. While various departments require certain raw materials to continue their operation, the captives must first be processed through the engine room unless otherwise flagged for knowledge extraction purposes. Our success is dependant on the proper management of all resources gathered, and that begins with the proper channeling of soul resources through the siphoning facility within the core power source.

Important Notice!

Do not, under any circumstances, devour the souls or flesh of those who haplessly enter this outpost! If the denizens of this world wish to bring fuel and food to us, let them, but do not waste it!
You are sufficiently rationed the proper amount of souls and blood, please do not take more than your share. Our success is dependant on the cooperation of all of you.

Knowledge Vessel Handling Procedures

The proper handling and transfer of knowledge vessels is vital to the success of this operation. The utmost of care must be shown when handling these souls, as they contain the most pertinent and potent knowledge base discovered on this world.

In case of an emergency disembarkment or the eventual final fade phase, please be sure to protect and secure this list of particular knowledge vessels, as they are vital to our continued research:
1. Fiddy Bobick 2. Markus Jaevins 3. Tobon Starpyre 4. Milea Clothspinner 5. Kyle Bayle 6. Vurgo

Source: Ingame book