The Words of Pure Magic

Dear reader, I bring to you what you already have. This world of ours is crossed by a great many powers that bind life together as nails and glue bind two boards. Without the nails and glue there would be no hull or no wall to a greater thing. All that we know are bound by forces greater than the planes themselves. And from one of these forces the gift of Druzaic comes to us.

Druzaic is the true language of the arcane. The forces of magic can only be represented by most powerful of symbols, symbols so complex and enlightened that they breath a sentience to the beholder, but only the beholder that can understand the language of Druzaic. I comprehend this language of tru magic and I offer my knowledge to you.

Druzaic originates in a well of knowledge greater than all New Tanaan can offer. This well is all around us and is part of everything we see and are, it is the binding force of magic. Although this force is one of many that bind our realm it is the only one to my knowledge that has present corporeal gifts unto our world. It is from these gifts that I have deciphered Druzaic.

Druzaic has always existed, but only now has it made its way to Norrath. I am a seeker of knowledge bound to no emperor or overlord. The knowledge of this world shall not be bound to a state and confined within vaults of knowledge. I trek for the freedom of knowledge and in my journeys across these Shattered Lands I have encountered sights both wondrous and shocking, but I have yet to encounter anything like the Druzaic Shrines.

As I traverse across the stormy highlands of the once plains I first gazed upon the beauty of the Druzaic Shrine. At first it was a glint from afar that called to me, beckoned me in some hypnotic fashion like a siren to the sailor. As I draw closer I could see the aura of magnificence sparkling and swirling about, I added haste to my steps.

I came upon the Druzaic Shrine and found myself in awe of the splendor that danced all about. I must have been in a trance for days my thirst and hunger fed by the song of the shrine. Finally my eyes began to clear and I found myself bolts away from the shrine, partially bathed in its brilliance. Now with my senses intact I was finally able to gaze upon the shrine and record my sight.

All about the image I found runes, symbols... a form of alphabet. As I stood there studying these runes thinking I would never be able to decipher such a complex code the shrine began to hum. The rhythm of the shrine began to seep into my mind and for an instance I could begin to read the runes, and then the unexpected occurred- the shrine vanished!

Where once it did sit the Druzaic Shrine was no more! The beauty of the shrine had vanished before my eyes taking with it the key to a new language, a language of magic. I was on the brink of discovery and in an instant it was swiped from me. I wept for the grandeur that was almost comprehended, having seen a glimpse of arcane purity.

The days went on and my exploration of the Shattered Lands had only begun. I continued on recording my sights, sights that could not compare to the song of the Druzaic Shrine. I had met up with my friend from ages past as he toured the land taking notes to be shared with all Norrathians. I to wished to share my knowledge and wished to share what would have been a new arcane language if the shrine would never have left me. I was alone with memories from within and beyond, words of pure magic.

We had sailed to new lands together me and my old friend. We walked over dangerous lands and all the while I believed the shrine to be gone forever. It was at this end of hope that the sound overtook my mind yet again, I could hear the song of the shrine! I swiped my friend's magic boots, boots of great haste, with them I soon found myself face to face with the shrine again, or so I thought.

What I saw before me sang the song of the shrine, but contained runes of a different sort. This shrine was a member of the greatness that the first shrine was. With it I listened and learned more of the language unknown. I was yet again in a trance when my old friend awoke me, he had finally found me after three moons passed. As he shout at me for foolish ventures we both were interrupted by the farewell of the new shrine. It was gone in an instant just as the one before.

Weeks passed and me and my friend had almost lost interest in our conversations of the shrine. We found ourselves on a more terrestrial wonder, the extreme grandeur of a land ablaze- Lavastorm! It was on this land that I encountered another friend from my past, the first shrine!

The shrine had appeared to me, popped into existence in the blink of an eye right before us as if it was there all the time. What was amazing was that when at first I met the shrine it was spellbinding and it's runes indecipherable, but now I could partially comprehend what I read upon the shrine. The shrine's language was almost mine, but I could learn no more from this one.

Me and my friend stayed at the shrine and planned to make camp there, but the dangers of the region forced us to abandon our safe haven. I left that land with more than the sights i had seen, I knew now that there were a few more of these shrines, I could feel them. I bid farewell to my friend as he boarded the Far Trotter for other sights. I must go on alone in search of the remaining shrines.

I could tell you the end of this tale dear reader, but the mystery must not be destroyed. In a sense the mystery was what aided in my comprehension of the new language of arch mages and magical beasts. I know Druzaic and you now know it lives in our realm. Seek the splendor and song when you ar ein your journey's. Seek the dancing lights and the brilliant spheres of Kab, Zet, Uzu and Myr. These are your keys to Druzaic, language of pure magic.

If you are reading this dear reader than we share the same words... the words of pure magic. With my final words I give you the hope of greater comprehension the likes of which your mind has never experienced. This Druzaic is a sentience in it's own right. It grows and grows as cub to a lion. You now care for the cub. There may come a time in our Age of Destiny that this cub grows and your understanding of Druzaic reaches greater levels never achieved. Always seek the song of the shrine.

The last pages are filled with odd complex symbols and runes. It seems impossible for even the greatest linguist to decipher this text.

Source: Ingame book