Journal of Gimblestan XXXIII

From the notes of Gimblestan, First Assistant to King Ak'anon the X
Tinkering Arts


Although I'm sure they were sad to see us leave, the human crew who had brought us out into the Ocean of Tears must have been very excited about our expedition as they eagerly tossed into the lifeboat that would serve as ??? we dove deeper into the chilly waters. I noticed Nantik was turning a deeper shade of blue than normal. It was then that I realized that his AQUALUNG must be out of air. He had cleverly assembled this breath apparatus using fine coral mesh attached to a silk lined steel helm with some metal twine and gnomish bolts. A metal rod served as the mouthpiece, with gills from a fresh fish inserted to filter the water. A quick tug on his support wire shot him upwards where he managed to project a reasonable 20ft from the surface before landing near the boat. Hopefully, I woud have no such trouble as I had just recently made some modifications to his breathing device producing an upgraded version, which I named a REBREATHER. Using Nantik's original aqualung, I applied a lime coated meshing to absorb the unbreathable gases I expelled. The sharkskin tubing connected the medium sized platemail helm I was using to an extra supply of firewater and was held on tightly by a metal fastening. This allowed me to effectively use the same supply of air for a great deal of time. As we reached the wreckage of the sunken vessel I was mindful to pickup a few pearls for my friend Simpkin the jeweler. He had just finished the intial design on his GEMCUTTER and was interested in using it to make those wonderful pearl anaglyphs he is so fond of. By using a metal rod coated in diamond dust and held to a cam by a metal fastening, his firewater powered apparatus was able to make precise cuts in even the tiniest gems while only requiring a small bit of grease to reduce friction. At last we were ready to begin the salvage operation.


Source: Ingame book