The city of Maj'Dul

Alleys, stairways and buildings physically separate Maj'Dul streets, providing cover and concealment. But the city is divided in more ways than one. There are three Courts, all vying for its control. Each Court is run by a Caliph that maintains a tight grip on the community through strict laws.

What took me the longest to understand is the bad blood between the different Courts. If one Court likes you, the other two won't let you near them. If you've offended a Court (mainly by spilling blood within the city walls), the Sha'ir enforcers will be all over you like a hot desert wind.

The Court of Blades is heavily militant, guarding against external threats to the city.
Creating and enforcing the law gives the Court of Truth a keen interest in their Arena Champions.
Mercantile and banking interests are mainly found in the Court of Coin.

While it's easy enough to tell which Court appreciates my presence, I prefer to spend most days near the Tower of the Moon, which is a neutral area.