The immortals who can be spoken of are not the Eternal Immortals. Their Spoken names are not the eternal names. In the namelessness they are the beginning of heaven and earth.

Named they are one of the ten thousand things. Though different in title they spring from one source and appear as darkness Darkness within darkness. The gate to their mystery.

The immortals do not go forth. All comes to them. They are like the ocean, the king of ten thousand streams.
By staying beneath they are a receptacle for all things. They do nothing. Yet are masters of the universe.

Trorsmang! Be our course of action.

Anbeal! Become the Vessel to hold our virtue.

Drina! Be our stability, where we can take root.

Cordan! Fill our vessels and calm our ambitions.

Norrath! Take our husks and breathe life into them.

We beseech you! Guide us in your humility.

Source: Ingame book
Tome used in the Monk Epic quest.