Talon Southpaw

Talon Southpaw was the fastest pugilist ever to walk within the Court of Pain. His speed rivalled that of the great Grandmaster Tynn. He could often be found within the local taverns demonstrating the awesome speed of his fist.

Talon Southpaw came to rebirth within this caste. Although quick with fist and tail, the speed of his left arm was not to come to blossom for a couple decades past his rebirth. It was to follow his captivity by the accursed Samak.

Soon after fulfilling the Rung of Tynn, Talon went on a wandering retreat into the dangerous outlands of Kunark. He was not seen from for a total of 5 seasons. Upon his return to Cabilis he told of his captivity within an ancient city of Iksar now claimed by the Samak. He told of intense torture.

He survived the ordeal. He escaped from the claws of the Samak with numerous scars which proved of his painful ordeal. Most of the worst scars were never to be seen. Talon worn a robe which he never removed. The scars underneath were for no lizards eyes. his great perseverance gave him an inner strength no other monk could lay claim to.

He now possessed incredible, almost blinding speed with his left arm. He could tap a foes arm with his left and strike with as if having a third arm! He was indeed a paragon of the Swifttails. All the empire under respected or feared him. None would spar him outside of the taverns. With grog comes stupidity.

Upon his death in Kurn, Grandmaster Tynn removed his hands in a private ceremony. Only Tynn was allowed to gaze upon Talon's body. The fists were then sealed in a canopic which would stay within the Tower of Kurn. His body was dusted. This is his tale as told by Rinmark.

Source: Ingame book