The time grows near

Jiva the Reckless rests now that his work is done.

With the knowledge afforded to him by wise Arlyxir he was able to create a tear in the planes between the Tower of Solusek Ro and The Plane of Fire. Arlyxir has always been trusted go-between for Solusek and his father Fennin. However, Arlyxir has decided to form alliance with Solusek.

The decision of direct confrontation against the populace of Norrath was not an easy one to make. They both know that Fennin would not agree to such a hostile act, because the Pantheon would not condone it.

After many hours of incantations a great well marked with runes of fame appeared and began to pour the very essence of the Plane of Fire into The Tower. The Guardians of Dresolik, the Great Shard, watch over the pulsating crystal has it harnesses the power being syphoned from the Plane the Fire. Only time stands between us now. Those that I once walked with soon learn of the mistakes in their transgressions.

I can hear Xuzl in his Tower, always working on his conjurings. The crackle of the animated regiment of flaming swords can be deafening. Xuzl does not take any time to rest; for he knows as will all do that the time draws near.

Greater fiends has been constructed by Solusek to spread their curse upon any that survive the initial destructive force from Dresolik. The seven fiends will be generals of the army being conjured by Xuzl. Solusek has also placed his trust in two elemetals. These elementals have coalesced into the form of wyverns. I must say that I am quite partial to their new forms, and have formed a kinship with them. Together with them we will exterminate any dragonkind that are resistant enough to flame to save them from onslaught that Dresolik will provide. Dresolik pulses with extreme power, it will soon be powerful enough to scorch Norrath. I can only hope that my voice and praise of Solusek will be enough to give the others the strengh needed to continue.

Source: Ingame book