Lost Adventurer's Cookbook

Venturing deep inside a dungeon can make one hungry. It is a good thing for my compatriots I have learned how to make the best of any situation by carrying a set of spices and other things necessary to make anything a meal! The following were some of the creations tha I came up with, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy as well.

Cheesy Potato Soup
1 Jug of Sauces
1 Rujarkian Potato
1 Flask of Water
1 Helping of Cheese
1 Pot

Bring the above to a simmer in a pot and serve. Sure to warm you up on the coldest expedition.

Grilled Guppy
1 Bottle of Short Beer
1 Cave Guppy
1 Packet of Spices

Slather the beer and spices over the fish and bake in an oven or over a spit. I like the taste that the fire from a spit gives to the fish.

Poached Chub
1 Flask of Water
1 Bottle of White Wine
1 Rujarkian Chub
1 Helping of Butter
1 Jug of Sauces

Simmer the fish in the combination of wine, water, and butter. This is a nice dish for the sophisticated palate.

Glazed Carp
1 Bottle of Red Wine
1 Jug of Sauces
1 Bottle of Vinegar
1 Boar Carp

Another simple but tasty dish. Cover the carp in the wine, sauce, and vinegar. Once again, tastes best over a spit but any oven will do.

Herb Crusted Whitefish
1 Eyeless Whitefish
1 Packet of Spices
1 Loaf of Bread
1 Sage Leaf

Combine the loaf of bread with spices, sage leaf and fish to create a crispy and flakey fish dish.

Muckskipper Chowder
1 Packet of Spices
1 Rujarkian Potato
1 Flask of Water
1 Bottle of Milk
1 Pouch of Flour
1 Muckskipper Fish
1 Pot

Place the spices, potato, water, milk, flour in fish into a pot and bring to a light boil. The taste of potato and fish go very well together!

Source: Ingame book