The Stone Frum Pazt Vol. I-II

The Stone Frum Pazt by Gomresh, Shaman of the Dark Ones

Long ago the shamans of our ancestor trolls prophesized the rise of The Grozmok, referred to more commonly as The Wun, a Troll of great might that shall possess powerful artifacts and secrets. According to the prophecies, The Wun shall subjugate all clans under one rule.

The might of The Wun and the united clans under his rule shall be unstoppable, all of Norrath shall be ours to plunder, all its inhabitants ours to torture and feast upon.

The shaman of the old clans recorded the prophecies of The Gromzok on the strongest slab of stone, the hieroglyphs drawn with their own blood and blessed by the Gods of Fear and Hate. For ages our ancestor shaman guarded the stone, while our ancestor warriors sought to subjugate their rival clans, each hoping to become the legendary Gromzok. Then, a great war tore across the face of Norrath. The minions of Warlord Rallos Zek slaughtered and enslaved all who crossed their path. The rivers that fed the swamps of the ancestor clans were filled with the blood of the slaughtered. Many of the ancestor clans were destroyed in the chaos, the survivors becoming scavengers, feeding on the carnage of the battlefield, or slaves, fighting along side the very armies that led to their clans demise. During this time the Gromzok Stone was lost, pillaged and hidden within one of the strongholds of the Rallosian Empire. The Empire of the Ogres fell abruptly, cursed by the Gods to be reduced lower than the state peoples they had conquered. The remnants of the ancestor clans once again began to flourish, new clans rose to replace those that had been lost to the slaughter of the Rallosian Empire. Two tribes in particular gained dominance of the ancestor Trolls, the Brokenskull Clan who inhabit an Island in the Gulf of Gunthak, and the Ykesha Clan residing in the Innothule Swamps. The two clans warred against each other for supreme dominance of souther Tunaria, raiding the others territories and the mountianous lands of the Ogres that had survived the destruction of their empire. It was in these mountainous lands that the Gromzok Stone once again came into the possession of the Troll Clans.


A war horde from the Ykesha Clan recovered the Gromzek Stone from the ruins of an Ogre Stronghold. Recognizing the hieroglyphs of the ancestor clans but not being able to decipher them, the stone was given the name "Stone of Frum Pazt" and presented to the Warlord Ykesha, ruler of their clan. Ykesha's shamans recognized the blessings of the Gods of Fear and Hate upon the hieroglyphs, and calling upon them for divine assistance deciphered the meaningof the words scrawled in blood across the surface of the stone.

Ykesha believed he was, or desired to be The Wun, and his accomplishments coupled with the prophesies of the Stone Frum Pazt rallied even more trolls to the Ykesha Clan.

As Ykeshas' might and renown grew, so did his paranoia until he hid himself depe within his fortress in the Innothule Swamp. The forces of the rival clans, all seeking possession of the Stone Frum Patz beset the Ykesha Clan. It was Clan Brokenskull that won possession of the stone, the Ykesha clan was destroyed, the survivors joining their one-time rivals for fleeing into the swamps, clanless and disgraced.

The clanless trolls endured in the Innothule swamp despite their disgrace, and a new Warlord by the name of Jurglash rose and united the remnants of the Ykeshan Clan. This new clan became known as the Grobb Clan, and its might would quickly grow to become the prominent troll clan on the Antonican mainland.

Eventually Warlord Redak, a powerful shadowknight of the Brokenskull Clan, rose to power and claiming the mantle of The Wun led the Brokenskulls to victory over several smaller clans residing on the mainland of Antonica. The Shaman had heard of a place of great evil called Befallen, and sent Redak alone to this place to recover powerful artifacts, and fulfill his destiny. Redak did as the shaman instructed and was never seen nor heard from again. The stone remained in the possession of the Brokenskull Clan, hidden and guarded in the tomb of the legendary Brokenskull Shaman, Nadox.

For decades the Grobb Clan prospered under the leadership of warlord Jurglash, their shaman dedicated themselves to the Gods of both Fear and Hate. The Shadowknights of Grobb built the Nightkeep in the Innothule swamp, on the edge of the clan's village, and Da Bashers had become a force to be feared. Only the Brokenskulls remained as a threatening rival clan.

The Shaman of Grobb learned the whereabouts of the Stone Frum Pazt and an invasion horde was sent to recover it from the rival clan. The invasion was successful and the stone was brought to Grobb where it remains, awaiting the arrival of The Wun.

Source: Ingame book