The Ulteran Spires

This book is filled with all sorts of arcane formulas and complex engineering blueprints. Some of the sketches bare a striking similarity to the ruined spires found throughout the Shattered Lands. Clearly only the most intellectual persons on Norrath could ever understand this, but there are a few pages that catch your attention.

We the Minds of Quellithule offer these spires to all Norrathians. Many of the lesser minds of Mechanimagica and the Arcane Sciences believe our theories presented here to be faulty. This is impossible. We highmen have long applied the arcane art of teleportation. It has long been a standard within our societies. No other people have the heightened knowledge of such arts.

Refining newfound arts of teleportation and displacement we have produced these new theories that will now be the basis for the new Ulteran Spire network of Norrath. This will replace the void that has existed since the dawn of the Age of War. The absence of the Combine Spires has made a large negative impact on foreign affairs, even between long allied nations.

Since our reemergence and the bloodshed of the Age of War we have seen the value of harmony at all costs. If our nations are divided Norrath shall surely fail. We must maintain the bonds we have forged and strive to build new alliances. So we offer these new spires to Norrath and know that their existence will allow all civilized nations to work towards global harmony. - Quell'Azar of the Minds of Quellithule

Source: Ingame book