Zebuxoruk - The Forsaken

Zebuxoruk is neither evil nor good. Legends place him as evil and other legends untold place him on the side of good.

To the other deities, they ALL dislike him or simply couldn't care less. Zebuxoruk was at some time in the form of mortal man and trod upon the surface of Norrath after escaping the Plane of Justice or the Void.

Mortality was either something forced upon him or something he may have wished for.

Zebuxoruk is known as the Forsaken One, The Disgraced and other such names among the pantheon of deities and heroes of the Outer Planes of Influence.

There is said to be a hidden city on Norrath that honor, not worship, the 'Ungod', Zebuxoruk. Something not even he truly cares for.

This city has knowledge of his history both true and false and the community is mostly comprised of fallen priests, shadowknight, paladins, any who have been forsaken by thier deities and either seek a pathway back or seek true neutrality among the planes and an understanding that the deities are more mortal than they think.

Zebuxoruk discovered the way to become as powerful as Gods and wanted to share this with all norrath.
For this, the Gods had a meeting and decided to put him into stasis for if his knowledge had to be known by everyone the balance of the powers would be destroyed, and all things with it.
During the Planar Progression quest, players were working on going back in time to stop the Gods from putting him into a stasis.
At the end of this quest, Zebuxoruk is freed but Druzzil Ro intervene, sending players back in time before they go back in time (are you still following? :)) themselves to free Zebuxoruk.
By doing that, messing with time, Druzzil Ro created a parallel universe of Norrath in which Everquest II takes place, as stated in The Words of Zebuxoruk.
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Zebuxoruk - The Forsaken
Zebuxoruk - The Forsaken

Plane of Knowledge, city of Zebuxoruk - EQ
Plane of Knowledge, city of Zebuxoruk - EQ