Venril Sathir of the Kunzar

The greatest lizard to walk upon the land was Venril Sathir of the Kunzar tribe. All that is known of his youth was that he was a member of the ancient Kunzar Tribe. This was during the time of division among the tribes of the Iksar. He was said to have never been a mere broodling. He was forever a master of combat.

Venril would soon slay his father and take his rightful place as chief of the Kunzar Tribe. He led the Kunzar on many expeditions into the ruins and wilds of Kunark. He sought knowledge and weapons.

In his late youth, he find the hidden library of the necromancer, Kotiz. He would come to open a large book which opened into a small room. Climbing into the book he finds a floating book. The Unholy Writ of War is it's title. Made of Iksar skins and containing great knowledge of combat.
Venril becomes the books master.

Venril soon shows signs of dark knowledge. He begins to wield the forces of the dark circle and his knowledge of combat tactics becomes supreme. He trains his army new tactics and even raises the bones of the fallen to fight yet again for their master. His army grows and marches to all corners of Kunark.

Venril Sathir's army is now unstoppable. He shall soon plot the union of the entire Iksar nation. He no longer wishes to be just Chief, but rather, Emperor. Under his direction the four remaining tribe states of Iksar shall unite and a new age shall dawn.

313 A.G.

Source: Ingame book